First Live Action Gantz ‘Trailer’

The first footage from the new live-action Gantz film project was shown recently on a Japanese news/entertainment program. The project is being split up into two films, both of which are set to be released in 2011. I was actually suprised to see any footage released this early — as you can tell from the clip that didn’t even have a proper trailer ready as it just seems to be an assortment of scenes that had more or less completed special effects. At least one of the aliens from early in the manga series is present and there seems to be quite a bit of footage that I don’t recognize as being from the comic books at all. Perhaps I’m not a good judge of that though as I haven’t caught up with the manga in several years…so after doing a little more research it seems that most of the footage in the trailer is in the manga although from much later story arcs. Although I haven’t really liked any live action Japanese film in the last few years, I’m hoping that at the very least this will be a fun film.

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